Connector Identification


I am new to electronics and want to find a replacement for this connector and it’s pins. The connector is a 6 pin piece.

Width 15.64mm
Height 15.64mm
Thickness 4.55mm
Post length when inserted into connector 6.30mm

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello B-and-OHub and welcome to the forum;

Your part appears to have a 2.54mm pitch, do verify this before making any decisions. I have some questions for you, are you swapping both the connector and the socket? I would normally just assume you are going to a header but the pin contacts suggest a socket made just for it. A photograph of that would be most useful.

Hi Michael_Rudi

Thanks for your response!

The pitch is 2.54mm. I am looking to make a new cable for a vintage turntable and just swapping the connector. That said, I would love to know what the female board connector is as well. The socket is connected by two rows of leads onto the PCB. I’ve included photos of the socket and the bottom of the PCB for reference.

Just bumping this thread - haven’t heard anything back from my email to DigiKey.


You can look at a housing part number of A3015-ND. The link is:

The mating part you show is confusing me as I do not know any reason why they would have the two rows like are shown for that connector. I do not recognize that type of connector at all. For the part number I showed you , if you scroll down, the mating parts are shown and also the associated product with the contact terminals for the housing. Unfortunately I do not see anything like the part you are showing as something we sell.


Thank you so much! That is fine about the mating connector. Could you provide a link to the pins and the corresponding PCB mounted mating connector for the one you sent me (A3015-ND)?

Scroll down on the link provided and they are listed.

Thank you, I didn’t know that they were listed there.

You are welcome.