Part identify

I am having trouble locating this connector on your website, any help would be greatly appreciated.

@ bconnoll113


Can you measure the pitch of the connector (distance from the center of one contact to the center of the next)? You can measure this on the board-side pins, too, if that’s easier than measuring the wire-side housing. A two-place decimal in mm will help.

Also, what device are these being used with? Does that have a model number?

Hi Bill, the pitch looks to be about 2.1mm, this pcb belongs to an old microscope, I thought this part looked common enough that I could find it on digi-key, thanks for your help.

Thank you for your response,

This looks like an IDC connector - here’s the closest option I was able to find on our site:

Please verify and compare the dimensions of your part with the drawing for the above part.

Thank you very much!