Board to board edge connectors identification needed

I am trying to identify the connectors in the photo:

The socket side (number 1 in the pic) is 24 way, 0.5mm pitch.
The body dimensions are 8.65 x 4.43mm. It has a ident tab at one end that takes length to 9.00mm. It stands 3.5mm from the PCB. On the top face it has 2 little square lumps to help mating accuracy.

The plug side (connector 2 in the pic) is the mating half of the first connector. The mating blades are 6.5mm long with a spacing of 1.37mm between them.

There are no marks at all on the connector. The PCB is part of equipment that is of China or Korean origin I believe.

Colour is not important. Thanks for any help.