Help Identifying Connector

need help tracking down this part

Hi @jfricke1228. I’ve got a few questions for you:

  • What is the pitch measurement for this connector?
  • Do you know what size wire is being used?
  • Can you provide a photo of the mating connector?
  • When I enlarge the photo, it looks to be 16 positions, is that correct?


thanks for your reply, to answer your questions

The pitch is 1.5mm

wire size I believe is 22g

see photo for the connector

to confirm it is 16 positions

also on the board side connector its very tiny but it reads LHE

thanks again,


Sorry quick correction: wire size is 24 AWG

Thanks for the info. I’m not seeing anything up front that matches the same specs as the original. I’ll keep looking and have our department take a look too…

LHE is calling out Lianhe Electronics which is a connector company out of China. Many of their connectors are modeled after their JST counterparts. This connector for instance seems to be very similar to the XADRP-16V, however it does not match the pitch you are stating. It may be possible to find a replacement if that would work, however I am not seeing an option that would be a guaranteed mate.