Please help identifying connector

We use these in the 3D printer world. I think they are JST-XH. Only problem is - everything has female connectors. I have kits that have the female connector as well as a male that just has pins sticking out the back. Awesome if you were inserting it in a circuit board. Not so good for attaching to wires. I need these males that are made to attach to a cable.

This is the opposite end plugged into itself. I have the opposite ends. Just not the one’s pictured above.

Hello midmadn, welcome to the Forum community. Can you share the dimensions of the connector and whether or not there are any markings, letters or numbers, or a manufacturer’s logo on it? What is the lead spacing (pitch - center or one pin to the center of the next)?

Hello midmadn, with the measurements and any markings, maybe Jenny may have some luck, but I was unable to find anything to match the picture, from JST or any other manufacture.