Where can I find this JST XH free hanging connector?

I’m not having any luck searching DigiKey for a free hanging connector for the JST XH series. It should look like the attached image.

Could someone direct me to the correct “rectangular connectors” section for this kind of thing?



XH datasheet eXH.pdf (jst-mfg.com)

I do not find any part in the XH series that looks like this however I do find A105188-ND that looks similar.

Are you sure that’s a XH series connector by JST? the JST page for such seems to indicate that it’s a wire-to-board series that places female contacts on the wire side, whereas those pictured are male. Even in the event that there’s a wire-wire variant produced, the housing shown does not seem to closely resemble the headers shown for the XH series.

Anyhow, what’s shown is a product of the housing+contact style, so to identify an unknown connector of that style one would typically start looking in the rectangular housing family. Connector pitch is a good way to reduce the options, number of rows, number of positions, etc. can also be used to limit the options available to a more reasonable number for browsing visually.

Ah, my bad, thanks @Robert_1552 and @rick_1976 . On closer inspection, it’s obvious that it isn’t an XH series connector.

I was hoping to find a similar connector for the XH series for making some test cables, and it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t actually exist.