Motherboard connectors identification

Looking for the male connectors to these 3 motherboard connectors. Computer is an ADE-6291, but there are no resources for this board online.

Overall board image because “new” users can only upload 3 images in a single post. Ports are circled in red here.


Thank you for contacting DigKey’s tech forum. We are looking into this request and will respond as soon as we can.

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I have the same predicament, I’ve recently obtained an ADE-6291 and would like to know more about the connectors too, were you able to source any information?


The connectors pictured are of a common type, referred to broadly as male pin headers. Mating components designed to connect to a cable are generally classified as “free hanging” connectors since they hang freely off the end of a cable, both of which are a subset of “rectangular connectors” since the contacts are arranged in a row/column pattern within a rectangular housing, as compared to circular connectors which, not surprisingly, are based on a circular motif.

Selecting the desired number of positions, rows, and pitch will drastically narrow the number of available options. Products of this type based on a 0.1" pitch are a de-facto industry standard and many products from different manufacturers can be used together successfully. Some care must be taken however to ensure compatibility of any keying or polarization features however, as there are many sources of such things and few official standards.

Note also that when looking for connectors, the convention is to reckon gender in accordance with the form of the electrical contacts themselves, rather than than any surrounding shrouding or housing material.