Need help finding connectors

hi im trying to find some atx motherboard parts for threw hole. im looking for 24 pin atx motherboard connector male and female. also atx 8 pin cpu 12v male and female connectors. could someone help me please. these are the images below i just need them to mount on a pcb board.

Did you see the options in this post?

thanks but im looking for the ones that get soldered onto a pcb board. the images i uploaded are just an example of the fittings. none of these go onto a pcb board :confused:

Click here for the Male Mini-Fit JR through hole headers, that we have available. I’m sorry, but we do not have the Female headers that mount on the circuit board.

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ah ok thanks, sofare ive only been able to find the female on aliexpress but they dont allow me to make payments on it.