SATA and Molex power receptacles. PCB mount

I’ve been turning stones after PCB mounted power connectors that can receive a computers 15 pin SATA power or 4 pin molex. (Delivering GND, 5V+, 12V+)
Surface mount or through-hole. Either way works.
I did found that thread about computer power connectors, but it only lists free hanging/cable variants. I want the PCB equivalent.

Seems quite hard to find. Yet they’re common.
Perhaps it’s in there somwhere. But I can’t find it. Been prodding around for days now.

Easy to find on ebay though… but… none there is a reliable supplier.
SATA 15 Pin Male PCB
Molex 4 Pin Male PCB

Thank you for contacting us.
Please take a look at these connectors.
The Molex WM9132-ND can work. It is a straight header not a right angle.
If that does not seem like it will work for you we do carry other options. We just need to know the pitch of the connector.

For the SATA connector I am sorry I was not able to find one in our inventory that was the same as in the picture.


After looking through our system I wasn’t able to find a good option in the 15 pin SATA category involving a surface mount combination.

We do have quite a few options in the 4 pin Molex category. I have a link with some options for you to look at. - this link has the two row style. - this link is for single row options. (you will need to choose the pin spacing “pitch”)

For the mating connectors, those should be listed at the bottom of each page when you are looking at a part number specific page.

Thanks for helping out.

I realise I have to find a supplier for those.
I did however find those SATA connectors commonly found on hard drives. Those with both SATA power and SATA High speed data. Those aren’t usable for me though. I’m working on (designing) an internal computer peripheral device that needs/uses other means of data transfer. (Internal/motherboard USB)

I’ve come to a point where I have to start planning a small batch of those devices. While screw terminals worked well for prototypes, it isn’t feasible for an end user design. There I need an easy way to hook up a computers internal power supply (ATX). Those usually come with the connectors whose counterparts are the ones I’ve linked in the original post above.

I suspect I’m not the only one who asks for this kinds of connectors, and I’m kinda surprised that you (DigiKey) don’t have these on stock, nor any available from your suppliers. Are they really that rare?

That particular connector is used for a particular application. If it is not a popular consumer product we might not stock it. There are many connectors out there and it is hard to carry all the options.
Suppliers will have them available, but there is always a chance that a Min buy will be needed to get the part.

Looking at the TE, Molex and 3M websites, it doesn’t look like a power-only SATA connector is a standard product. All the options are the Power+Data, which we do stock in R/A SMT. Even if you don’t need the data part of the connector, is it a hard requirement to avoid the presence of the data part of the or just preference? Out of curiosity, what products have you seen with your desired connector, it’d be interesting to do some more research.

I realize I’m pretty late to this party, but in case future people stumble across the thread via google, you want A25420-ND, aka TE connectivity 641737-1.

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You are my favourite person.

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