Board to board connector

I am looking for board to board connector, pitch 0.8mm, 18 positions, right angle, SMT, female. I found one from Molex but the contact width is greater than the i need.

Welcome, aporben65!,

For reference, to help find a better option, which Molex one did you find and consider too wide?
Are you trying to mate two adjacent boards on the same plane (parallel) or with one positioned at a right angle to the other (perpendicular)?

At right angle, the boards have already connectors but i lost the female because was un-soldered. the specs are pitch: 0.8mm, 18 position, two rows, SMT, right angle. The one that i found has those specs except that the pins are little more thick and have internal guide. Seem that the original connector was not developed by Molex. The part number that i found was: 0533091870. Is there a way to send a picture of the actual connector?

I have not found anything similar to to that connector. Can you please attach a photo?

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Hi aporben65,

I see in your second image that it is an “AMP” branded connector (stamped on the interior of the connector).

“AMP” is now part of “TE Connectivity”. I checked both our own database as well as that of TE’s website, and it looks like the connector you need is no longer made.

Because of this, it looks to me like the only possibility for you would be to use the 0533091870 that you found, and then also replace it’s mate, the 0524651871, on your other board.

To get a good idea what they look like, click on their respective links I provide above, and then click on the " 360° " image icon.
Then click on the enlarged " 360° " image.
This will bring you to an interactive view which allows you to zoom in and rotate the part on multiple axes.

Thank you, i already bought the male connector in order to replace both.