"Molex" style connector identification

Please help identify the connectors in the attached photo. Specifically, what type of connectors are those that connect external wires to the board. They look like some type of “molex” connectors. I need to move the board to a clean location nearby (obviously). To do that I need to extend the wires. I want to do that without removing the existing connectors. I want to create extension cords, so to speak. To do that I need to know what type of connectors to purchase. Can you help? Thanks!

Hi pe8453,

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key.
Can you please verify which connector(s) on the board you are specifically looking for? Also, can you please provide the pitch (center to center distance between pins) of the connector pins?

Thank you

Take a look at A122736-ND

A122741-ND would be the 6 position.

You can verify the dimensions in the drawings. These are both from the Universal MATE-N-LOK series and are both housings that would need contacts.

Let me know if you are looking at different connectors.

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