Need help with Molex copy

I have a connector that looks at first like a Molex WM3702-ND
The difference is that while the Molex would have square pins in this housing, this one had round sockets. The housing is also slightly different as the square or D-shaped keyways are in a different orientation.
Can anyone help me identify this to get the correct contacts (female sockets) or the entire housing/pins?
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Thank you for your inquiry.

Do you have a picture of the connector in question you would be able to share?

The one I am looking for is the 6-pin unit. For comparison, there is a real Molex 4-pin housing in 2 of the pics. The pin pitch is the same between the two connectors: 4.2mm.
Greg B

Still needing information.


You can look at part number WM3702-ND on this link:

You can review the information to make sure this will work. If you scroll down on this link we also show the mates and the associated terminals.

Sorry, but that’s not compatible. I looked at that one before posting, but as I mentioned, the “D” shaped alignment pins are oriented differently. Also, that one accepts square pin sockets, not round ones as I need.
Greg B

Unfortunately this was the closest I could find. Not mnay connectors use the round pins so that is unusual. I do not see anything with round pins . Unfortuately we need to know the housing part number to find the pins. I can’t locate that number.

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It looks like it is a Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK from TE.



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That’s exactly what it is, Steven_14444! Thanks!
Also, thanks to Verna for your time and efforts.
Greg B