Part Number for 12-pin Molex Connector


I need help in identifying the part number for this 12-pin Molex Connector.

I ran out of female and male pins when using a bad crimper. Ideally it’d be great to a get kit with both male and female pins.


Attaching photos to help.

I measure around 0.110" diameter on the female pin.

Here’s the measurement photo and photos of the front of the male and female connector.

Oh yeah and if there’s a relatively inexpensive crimper that would do a decent job on these pins, I’d be interested in looking at it.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key, these look to be TE connectors not Molex , below is a link for the pins and sockets, you will have to narrow down the search by wire size to get the part number for the contact you need . On the information page for the contacts the tooling is listed at the bottom of the page for these .

Thanks Craig

Thanks very much for the support.

There’s a big selection of connectors. Some look very similar.

Would 350552-1 and 350551-1 work for this application? I’m looking to be able to crimp wire gauge between 14-20 AWG.

A good general rule is use parts that have the same series but yes both parts will work.

Ok. Are these different series? If so would you be able to recommend a more appropriate connector set?

350552-1 and 350551-1 will work with the connector housing below -


Digi-Key Part Number A1460-ND
Manufacturer TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Manufacturer Product Number 1-480708-0
Description CONN PLUG 12POS 94V-2 UNI-MATE
Datasheet Click Here

Ok that’s the one I’m looking for. Thanks!

What’s the mating connector PN?

There are quite a few options. So, go to → 1-480708-0 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey and scroll down the page to the mating products.

Many thanks to everyone here. The mating part number seems to be 1-480709-0. That’s a big help for finding those. Appreciate the help!

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