Can't find a compatible connector pcb-to-pcb

I need help finding a component reference number or to find a compatible female connector.
The pitch is 3.8mm 0.15inch
The only mark is “L KFP”
here is the female part:

And the male part on the host PCB is:

Thanks for your help!

I got some more photos of the male parts on the host PCB.
There are two male connectors, one smaller and one bigger, the female i’m looking for goes on the bigger.

The numbers visible are 5001 and 3941 with a logo on the side.

I just found that 09483025 might do the work

Greetings Tweb,

I would agree, 0009483025 and 0009481024 look to be your best options. 0.156" (3.96mm) standard mating pitch with Board Edge, Through Hole, Right Angle mounting style.

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