Molex Mini Fit Jr. Male PCB Mount?

I am familiar with the Female Mini Fit Jr. connectors that are soldered on PCB’s and the Male connectors with the wires plug in to the female mates on the PCB. I have a situation where I want to make a PCB that uses the male connectors and have those soldered on to the PCB.

Instead of these -

I want these in a PCB mount form…

Am I explaining this clear enough?

Thank you!


By convention, connector forms are reckoned in reference to the electrical contacts themselves, rather than to any shrouding or insulation surrounding them; what you’re asking for would be considered a female connector, and a board-mounted connector is commonly referred to as a “header.”

Using “mini-fit” as a search term, there should be a family shown in the top results which includes these descriptors, and contains items of the sort requested.

Thanks. That actually helped.

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