Where can I find this JST XH SMD connector

Where can I purchase the JST connector B4B-XH-SM4-TFT (LF)(SN)?
Notice! I’m unable to use the right angled version or the straight HMT version due to space limitations.

Image below is taken from JST shop site which I don’t have access to.


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I found that the XH connector series from JST is a valid series but I could not verify the -SMA suffix after wards. According to the JST website on these it seems it is not an option. Only B4B-XH-A or B4B-XH-AM. Take a look: XH Connector | JST Sales America

If we can somehow verify the full part number we may be able to order it for you through a special order non catalogue request. Unfortunately B4B-XH-SM4-TFT (LF)(SN) does not yield any results on their website.

Hi @jmj ,

Thanks for reaching TechForum. This would most likely be a special order for us, minimum quantity requirement and manufacturer lead-time may apply. The quote process takes approximately 3-5 business days to complete. If you are interested in a quotation, please complete this form.

Here is where I found the connector:


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Hello again,

Thank you for that link and your patience. We might be able to do a special order request for this part but for that we will need your customer number with us and the quantity desired. Please note that this non catalogue quote request does take some time to process and may have minimum order quantities larger than what you’re after, and there will be some lead time which wont be known until after the non catalogue quote is processed. The pricing will also be established at the time the quote is completed.

You may also try completing the form Ryan suggested: Special Order Product Request Form (digikey.com)

Thank you for your reply.

I have decided to change the design to use a more available part instead.

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