JST connector XH2.54

XH2.54 connectors from JST: We have several inquiries about this connector since it is a commonly used pin header on power supplies, eval boards, etc.

These are actually the XH series of connectors from JST available here at Digikey, XH Series connectors. Often what you will see in the BOM (Bill of Materials) listed for a board will be numbers like JST XH2.54-2 or JST XH2.54-3 which is not the actual part number you would use when ordering, for example purposes you will see I used the -2 and -3 suffix which is simply calling out the number of positions on the header.

These numbers, XH2.54-2 or XH2.54-3 are referring to the XH 2 postion headers or XH 3 postion headers. These lists show the vertical and right angle versions along with the option to select tin or gold contacts. When looking for a mating connector scroll towards the bottom of the page to the section that lists the “Mating Products” and select the option that best suits you’re needs.

Here is an option for a 2 position header, part 455-2247-ND, scroll down and you will see the inline mate to this would be part 455-2266-ND. Crimp contacts are not included with the inline connectors so be sure to include them with your order. Here is a list of crimp contacts for part 455-2266-ND which you will need to select the proper contact by the size wire gauge being used. You can also find crimp contact options on the page listed for the inline connector by scrolling towards the bottom to the “Associated Product” section.