Hello and I have a XH2.54 Male Housing


I have a JST XH2.54 Male Housing. I need a female receptacle for this male housing. I looked through the inventory of your company’s website.

I have come up empty. If anyone is using one of these rectangular housings, please direct me on where to look for a three-pin XH2.54, female receptacle for this housing.


P.S. If they come pre-crimped and wired, that would even be better. If not, the receptacle will do.

Hello @silver2row

Looking at the JST Datasheet for the XH series I am only finding 2.5mm options.

A 3 position housing for female sockets would be XHP-3 or Digi-Key part 455-2219-ND

We also have some options for pre-crimped leads here depending on the length you are looking for.


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Hello @Robert_Fay ,

Seth here. Thank you sir. I guess those are them. Do you have any idea when the parts will be available? I clicked the link for the 455-2219-ND but they are out of stock as of now.


P.S. I found what I was looking for currently. I think: https://www.digikey.com/short/nt3bcmd2 .

You can check the lead time right on the product detail page in the upper right-hand corner.

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If you are interested I did find this other part that looks like it could be a fit form and function alternative. As always, check the data before ordering.


MFR PART # 51225-03
DIGI-KEY PART # 1175-51225-03-ND
DESCRIPTION 3 Rectangular Connectors - Housings Receptacle - 0.098" (2.50mm)

I hope this helps!

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@AaronRollens ,

Thank you. I bought the ones I found at your website. I only ordered two of them, i.e. as the S & H was more.

But, I will find time in the future to handle these pages a bit better, i.e. as I may have purchased the wrong items.


P.S. @Robert_Fay and @AaronRollens , thank you both for helping me. I am going to keep this page open until my order arrives so I can then figure out if I did indeed purchase the correct parts.

Hello To Everyone Who Reads This Post,

Okay so, what I relished as a good purchase was obviously not what I needed for this specific connector.

@AaronRollens and @Robert_Fay , you two have helped and I will be adding my email address to the digikey notifier for those specific connectors to the exact housing I have currently.

My obviously unskilled eye and uneducated purchase cost more in S & H than the actual incorrect items postmarked to me.


P.S. Thank you both for your time and effort when I tried to go around and get an item that was marketed online. I should have read throughout the description and datasheet for the part more than I did. Anyway, for the connector of JST XH2.54 Male Housing, this item, the https://www.digikey.com/short/j8mjc8qj link, are the connectors needed for my particular male housing.

Dang it @AaronRollens ,

One last question:

Does the 1175-51225-03-ND work with the 455-3239-ND ?

I am asking b/c I need to figure out if the JST brand can work w/ other brands in similar format.



I have been looking into this question for you. The cable assembly that you plan to use from JST has terminals that look like this

The housing from CNC Tech that you want to put them into looks like this

The terminal designed to work with this housing looks like this

It is obvious that the terminals do look different in the images above but after comparing the drawings on the data sheet I do have to wonder if they would work just fine. While I cannot say for certain, I would certainly say it is worth a try.

NOTE: The drawings above were cut and pasted from the official data sheets and should not be considered an actual document of the manufacturer. I have included links to the data sheets below.

CNC Tech Data sheet
JST Data Sheet

I hope this helps!

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Hello Sir,

@AaronRollens , I went ahead and am now waiting for the pieces to arrive. Thank you for making me see the datasheet particulars a bit better.


P.S. I will update this post soon, e.g. when the items arrive. This way, if people have doubts or are wondering, I can let them know facts about the CnC Tech Connectors and the JST Model No: SXH-001-P0.6. And…the 2.4 sounds reasonable for a fit. Updates on the way.

You are more than welcome. I will be looking forward to your update so that we know for sure they did work for you!

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Hello Everyone Who is/was Following,

The 455-3239-ND pre-crimped cables work with:

  1. 2057-25CH-B-03-ND
  2. 1175-51225-03-ND

Phew. Now, I need to figure out if they work w/ my housing on the part I have currently.


P.S. I will reply once the XH2.54 housing has been used w/ the two separate connector parts from above. This way people will know that the connectors work with this specific housing.

Both connectors, 1. and 2. from above, work w/ the XH2.54 housing I currently have on my board!

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Fantastic! I am very happy to hear that these did work as we suspected. Thank you for going the extra mile on this and supplying us with this feedback, we truly appreciate it!

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