Help identifying connector

Hello, I’m hoping somebody can help me identify a connector I recently came across at work that’s been mutilated. I cannot find any identifying marks on it besides a symbol that looks like either a circled M or circled W. It’s not the Motorola logo. I don’t know where the cable or connector came from, but it has 6 positions and is hermaphroditic. It reminds me a lot of an Anderson Powerpole, but it’s different enough to not be that. The connector has been ground down and cut to fit inside of a DB25 backshell and was glued in agressively. Terminals look to be an Insulation Displacement type. Any information on this thing would be awesome!

Hello, what is the pitch of the connector?

The pitch is the measurement from the center of one contact to the center of the next contact.

Hello, the pitch is 6.7mm.

Unfortunately I do not show anything in the 6.7mm pitch.

Hmmm… Unless I’m not measuring the right thing, but I’m fairly sure I’m measuring this correctly.

The tiny angle of the caliper jaws relative to the housing will increase your length measurement a tiny bit.

If the exact measurement is 6.35mm, then the spacing is 1/4 inch, which used to be fairly common last century.

Edit to add, five positions @ 1/4" = 1", which is easier to check visually with a ruler and magnifying glass for alignment.


Hi smoran22

I also checked for something similar unfortunately was unable to locate anything. You may need to replace the entire mating connection.