Identification of a male connector off a bespoke USB 2.0 cable

Hi Digi-Key,

Just wondering if you could kindly identify the following connector. It’s 4 pin.

It has come off a aftermarket car entertainment system. The cable is a data USB 2.0 cable to allow me to plug my phone for Android Auto connectivity (the other side is a female USB port)

This connector has sheared off unfortunately and I’m looking to identify it and remediating the cable myself.

Thanks for your help.

Hello and welcome to the Forum. Are you able to supply the pitch of this connector? The pitch is center-to-center of the contacts. Also, are there any manufacturer stamps or markings?

Thanks for responding. The pitch is about 3mm/0.3cm - unfortunately no markings on the connector or the cord itself.

SMP-04V-BC seems a likely possibility, though it looks like we’re going to be out of stock for a while.

455-1121-1-ND should be the associated contacts.

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Thanks Rick! Appreciate it heaps!