Help Identify 12 pin connector

Here are some pics of a 12 pin, 2 row, 0.1" pitch connector. I am looking to identify it and the mating male one of these. The male portion could be either a cable end terminal or (preferred) a PCB header connector. Thank you DigiKey and all!

I can not locate a similar part to id that and a mate, does your part have any markings on it to help id ?

Unfortunately no markings, but here is a pic of the male portion on an existing driver. I found this spare (dead) driver, but this is exactly the piece I’m looking for. This shows the 12-pin and an adjacent 4-pin of the same style.


I could not find anything exact. The closest I can see if part number 455-2164-ND. It is 2.5mm for the pitch. Once you pull the part number up, you can scroll down on the page. Mating products and associated products are listed. It is the closest I can find. Here is the link to the product:

Like I said it is not exact. It is the closest I can see on our website.