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I was hoping I could get some help identifying these connectors.

I am in need of both the female and male connectors and the pins.

Please see the images of the connectors and the headers.

I am in need of the ones circled.

This white connector is the same as the one circled on the right.

Thank you for your help

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. The connectors that are attached to the wires can you look closely at them to see if there are any markings? There may be letters or numbers that can possibly give us a series or manufacturer to start with. Also, what is the pitch of these connectors, that would be the spacing from the center of one pin to the center of the pin next to it?

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Unfortunately there is no marking on the outside of the connectors.
I measured most of the connectors to be around 2mm pitch with the 3rd from the right looking at around 2.5mm. That same connector did have a marking inside that I could see being HJST 0-D

I had emailed sales and they have come back with some they believe are the correct ones. But this is unknown until I order them.

What are the part numbers that were provided to you. Judging by the marking you provided for the one connector it could be the PH series from JST .

I was given these parts as a solution however for the header I will not use that style as my goal is to build an extension harness.

Thank you for contacting DigiKey Electronics.
A possible match for the 2.54mm one is 455-4090-ND, which is actually 2.50mm pitch.
The mating connector is 455-4152-ND, and the contacts are listed lower on the page, under “Associated Product”.
For the 2.00mm pitch connectors, here is what I found.
The 2pos is 455-S02B-PASK-2-ND, and the mating connector is 455-1486-ND.
The 3pos is 455-S03B-PASK-2-ND, and the mating connector is 455-1487-ND.
The 4pos is 455-S04B-PASK-2-ND, and the mating connector is 455-1488-ND.
The 8pos is 455-S08B-PASK-2-ND, and the mating connector is 455-1492-ND.
When you pull up the mating connectors, the contacts are listed in the “Associated Product”.
We do not have these in the colors you have circled.
Technical Reference # T4663522

I was then given these as a solution to the header side.

Thank you for the added information.
I do not have a solution for the 2.50mm connector, but for the 2.00mm ones, here are the options.
2pos is 455-1548-ND, and will mate with 455-1486-ND.
3pos is 455-1549-ND, and will mate with 455-1487-ND.
4pos is 455-1550-ND, and will mate with 455-1488-ND.
8pos is 455-1554-ND, and will mate with 455-1492-ND.
After you pull up one of these connectors, the contacts are listed lower on the page, under “Associated Product”.
If you don’t want to crimp these, we do have pre-made wires with a pin on one side, and the socket on the other. Click here for those options.

Apologies for the lack of links as I am limited in link posting

Hi spaniard ,

Unfortunately what the original tech provided would be our best options.

Hello, that’s great news to hear, yourself and the other responders here as well as the email techs have been more than helpful.

Thank you very much.

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