Looking for molex type connector and compatible crimp terminals

Hello all and thank you for reading and posting!

I was wondering if I could get help identifying this connection so I could purchase some replacements?

I am new to all this so if I am missing anything that can help you identify the component please let me know!

I measured the pitch and it is about 2mm. I have 2x 3 pin and 1x 2 pin that I need to replace.

This is the reference I used to help me measure the pitch:

I took my measurement based on A in that image and it came up just under 2.0 mm (~1.95).

Here are some images of the connector that I need to replace:

I also need the crimp connector for the wires:


Any assistance that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Some more images of the connector for reference:

Thanks again for any replies!

Welcome to the Tecnical Forum. I have done multiple searches and I do not find anyhing that looks like this with the 2.0mm or 1.80mm pitch. The 1.80mm is the next size down. Sorry. I do not find anything. Though I most likely will not be the only one that sees this so maybe they will have better luck than I did.

Possibly 25CH-B-03 (Pitch is a little larger at 2.5mm)


This looks very close and very promising!

I will order some of these, check compatibility, and update you once I have a chance to check it out.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my post :slight_smile:


That’s originally the JST XH series, but a few other companies have made compatible alternatives, including Adam Tech.

This is a great community and I really appreciate your reply

Thanks for helping me find this I am learning so much :stuck_out_tongue:

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