Identify these types of connectors - they are Molex style

I’m looking for an identification of these Molex-style connectors. I’ve already been in contact with Molex and they inform me these are not theirs.

The pitch on the small connectors is 3/32". The pitch on the large is 1/2".



Hello Joe,
it does look like the first two connectors the header and receptacle might be from JST. The header will be part number 455-1995-ND and the mating connector will be 455-2151-ND.
The bigger 6 position connector I am searching for and will post with what I find for you.

The 6 position connector also looks like it will be from JST. I did find a possible connector. It is part number 455-2352-ND

Please take look at these and see if they will work for you.

One note is on the housings the contacts are sold separate. I will just need to know the wire gauge size you are using and I can help get you the contacts.

Hi Paul,

This is awesome! These look just like what I need!

For the 6-position, I need both male and female connectors (as with the 5).

The wire size for the 6-position is #12. Wire size for the 5-position is #16.

Once I get the contact information for all four connector types and their contacts, I can place an order with our Purchasing Department!



Joe Carcia, NJ1Q
W1AW Station Manager

Hello Joe,
We do carry the contacts for the 6 position connector 455-2352-ND. The Socket Contact for the 12awg wire is 455-2377-1-ND . The Pin contact for 12awg is 455-2349-1-ND .
If you need it we also have an extraction tool 455-2370-ND and Crimp tool 455-2368-ND that will work for both of those contacts.

On the connector 455-2151-ND the best we have for contacts will be 20-24awg and will be just the socket contact. It is part number 455-2051-1-ND.
The Crimp tool if needed is 455-2046-ND .

If you need the header it will come with the contacts already in it.

I hope this helps you out.
If you have any questions please let me know.
Paul Burmeister

Hi Paul,


I’m filling out a purchase order!!

Thank you very much! I believe I’m all set.