Help to ID this connector

Are you guys able to ID this connector?

Looks like a 5-pin JST but I just can’t find this particular one
Do you guys think it might be a proprietary connector?


In order to assist you in finding a suitable connector, can you provide the pitch, AWG size, dimensions and any other relevant information you may have on this connector.

Hi Shawn,

Pitch is ~3mm
AWG is 22


This connector is mostly used for Sanwa-Denshi Arcade Joysticks (

Any idea what it could be?

@Lachance Do you have a pitch measurement for the connector?

Hello Lachance,

I’m sorry, but we do not carry a connector that matches this one.
To help you in your search, you should look over the connector on all side, with a magnifying glass.
Most manufactures will put their name or the series number on the connector. I’ve seen some with numbers even on the small edges where the wires are inserted. Good luck with your search.

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I agree with David_1768, this is most likely custom or obsolete. I believe pitch (the space between contacts) is 2.54mm or thereabouts. But I wasn’t able to locate one in our system based on the measurements provided. I have a hunch it was obsoleted from Molex, so that may help if you search Amazon or another place that may have obsolete part laying around.

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I also had a feeling it was probably a custom connector

Molex seems to be pointing me to chinese suppliers so I will try to look over there if I can find something

Thanks for the assistance!