Connector Identification

Looking to identify the large Connector in the following images.

If you offer anything similar, please list it. Ideally, the connector would offer solder tabs for wires but the pcb

tabs would work.



Hello Yogi and welcome to the forum.

I wasn’t actually able to find this style of connector, it reminds me of Quick connects in possibly a .110" profile though. Can you confirm the width of those blades to me?

Width is easy to measure at 2 mm. Thickness is a bit tougher but looks to be 0.5 mm. I used my fancy plastic micrometer to measure.

I wasn’t able to find this in our catalog.


Thanks for looking. Imagine how long it would have taken me to come to this determination.

Any suggestions as to where I should look next?


Not on that one, I would look into any schematic that might be provided with you unit and see if they reference any connector there.

It looks like an evaluation board so usually documentation isn’t hard to come by.