Pin connector identification

Hello, this is my first time here, I would like some help on identifying a connection and then order some please.

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Hello @user44

Do you have any information about the housing that the pin goes into? With thousands of contacts that look similar and are similar size often the only way to identify a contact is to identify the housing that the contact goes into.


We would also need need the wire size being used.

Hello, thank you for your reply, there is a part number of AMP 925715 on the connector, regards wire size there are several different sizes installed possibly from 6mm down to 0.75mm
AWG 6 to AWG20 ish,
I hope that helps.

Kind regards

I did a search on 925715, and I had a match for 925715-1 which came up as a contact part number, it looks similar to the one in the photo and can work with 14-20 awg wire. It works with a ton of Mate-N-Lok series parts.

There’s some good technical info out on TE’s site for it too:

Hello, thank you for your help, would you know what the socket to match is please? I have ordered the pins already.
Kind regards

Here’s the matching socket from that series, Digikey part A131128-ND