Help identifying some electronics connectors

I am working on fixing a fairly expensive piece of equipment that has a damaged motor controller. I have a controller that will work with it (already tested it), but I don’t want to just cut the connectors off and solder the wires to the board.

From the best I can gather digging around on the internet all these are some kind of JST connector. The first 2 pictures are just a three pin connector, male and female. I assume the third one is just a 2 pin version of the three pin connector. The fourth is bit smaller and a slightly different style. I’ll probably buy these from Digikey so links to the parts would be great.

Well I did have the third picture here, till they told me I can only post three pictures … so you’ll have to use a sixth sense or some other hocus-pocus. This is why I HATE finding parts on the internet. Been working on this for a week and I haven’t even placed an order yet. And after waiting 7 days for said order, I’ll find out I ordered the wrong thing, take a week or 2 to find the right thing, order more parts. And somewhere around a month after starting this I will have it fixed something that would have taken ONE day previously.

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It’s hard to identify connectors without a measurement from the center of one pin to the next, but your female socket housings appear that they might be TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Economy Power series.

Click here for TE Connectivity PN: 1-1123722-3

Click here for TE Connectivity PN: 1-1123722-4

Unfortunately I’m not seeing a cable mounted male pin mate to these currently from TE Connectivity.