32MBit QSPI Flash used in Sparkfun RED-V Redboard

Can someone please help me to identify the QSPI Flash used in Sparkfun RED-V Redboard.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key Electronics. There is no information on the Flash. I have sent the request to the Product Specialist. We will let you know if we can provide the information.

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I could find nothing in any of the documentation specifying the specific QSPI chip used, but some of the information in the SiFive Freedom E310-G002 Manual indicates that it is likely a Winbond W25Q32JVSSIQ or compatible variant.

Specifically, on page 84 of that manual, it states the following:

In addition, a SPI controller can implement a SPI flash read sequencer, which exposes the
external SPI flash contents as a read/execute-only memory-mapped device. Such controllers
are reset to a state that allows memory-mapped reads, under the assumption that the input
clock rate is less than 100 MHz and the external SPI flash device supports the common Winbond/
Numonyx serial read (0x03) command. Sequential accesses are automatically combined
into one long read command for higher performance.

The W25Q32JVSSIQ supports the serial read 0x03 command.


I apologize about the delay on this request. Per the Product Specialist this is not public information. So we are unable to provide any information.