Does sigal processing supports in Sparkfun RED-V REDBOARD

Please help to find whether Sparkfun RED-V REDBOARD supports signal processing for FIR Filter Implementation

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I have contacted our product manager for help with this, we will post here again when we have more information. The technical reference number for this interaction is T4405523.

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ok. Thank you

In theory, it probably could be used for FIR filtering applications, as it has hardware multiply capability (though, no dedicated DSP instructions) and it runs at 150Mhz, which gets you up into the feasible realm, depending on sample size and through-put requirements.

However, note that it does not have any on-board ADC channels, so it cannot measure analog signals on chip and therefore must use external data. Furthermore, my quick search for pre-written FIR filter libraries yielded no results, so it’s likely that you would have to roll your own rather than use pre-written libraries.