3D CAD model

Any chance of obtaining a CAD model or step file for a dust cap with lanyard?
The part number is “RFI77-14”.


Cinch Connectivity (Bel Fuse) offers a .prj file format for PL75-47–a connector plug associated with that cap–so that would probably be the only direct file type available for direct downloading. This example is shown on the Bel product page under the 3D Drawing Tab.

I do not see RFI77-14 listed on their site, but they do list other RFI77 products such as RFI77-6 which works with similar connectors. That product page shows a Footprint/Symbol tab where there are some CAD download options, but that doesn’t seem to suggest a 3D file.

My conclusion is that if there are any files available for RFI77-14, they would be similar to those for RFI77-6. If those are useful, you can make a direct request from the Support option on one of those supplier pages, or we can send a request to the manufacturer and report back, later.

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The MFG confirmed there is no CAD model or step file available for this part unfortunately. Thanks!

Thanks Dave!