3M 3600/3644X/3560/375 Series Cables - "SF" Suffix

When looking at the 3M 3600x/3644x/3560/3750 series of cables, some parts may have the “SF” suffix attached to the end of the part number. This “SF” suffix means these cables are completed wires without any splicing.


Please note that all 3M cable may not be splice free and their specifications allow up to 3 splices per cable (at random lengths).
For example, if interest a 10m spool, it can have a 5m, 0.5m and 4.5 m pieces in the spool.
However, if you order an ‘SF’ spool of 100’, it will arrive as a single continuous length of unspliced cable.

Applicable SF Part Numbers

MB14T-100-ND MB20S-100-ND MB26T-100-ND MB24T-100-ND MB50S-100-ND MB80S-100-ND MB14S-100-ND MB26S-100-ND MB16T-100-ND MB36S-100-ND MB24S-100-ND MB36T-100-ND MB40T-100-ND MB68S-100-ND MB40S-100-ND MB68T-100-ND MB80T-100-ND MB100S-100-ND MB20T-100-ND MB50T-100-ND 3M156159-100-ND MB24S-5-ND MB24S-10-ND MB14S-25-ND MB20S-25-ND MB24S-25-ND MB26S-25-ND MB16T-25-ND MB14T-25-ND MB20T-25-ND MB14S-50-ND MB36S-25-ND MB26T-25-ND MB24T-25-ND MB40S-25-ND MB20S-50-ND MB24S-50-ND MB50S-25-ND MB26S-50-ND MB36T-25-ND 3600A/24SF-ND MB40T-25-ND MB16T-50-ND MB14T-50-ND MB50S-50-ND MB20T-50-ND MB68S-25-ND MB100S-25-ND MB36T-50-ND MB50T-25-ND MB36S-50-ND MB40T-50-ND MB80T-25-ND MB26T-50-ND 3750/16SF-ND MB80S-25-ND MB24T-50-ND MB40S-50-ND MB68S-50-ND MB50T-50-ND MB68T-25-ND MB80S-50-ND 3600G/14 300SF-ND MB68T-50-ND 3560/50SF-ND MB100S-50-ND 3600B/20SF-ND 3750/10 300SF-ND MB80T-50-ND 3600B/26SF-ND 3600G/20SF-ND 3600A/68SF-ND 3750/16 300SF-ND 3750/50SF-ND 3644A/20SF-ND 3750/26 300SF-ND 3600B/50 300SF-ND 3560/38SF-ND 3600G/50 300SF-ND 3750/38 300SF-ND 3600G/68SF-ND 3750/50 300SF-ND 3644B/36SF-ND 3750/26 500SF-ND 3750/26 600SF-ND 3600B/68SF-ND 3600G/68 500SF-ND 3600B/50SF-ND 3560/26 200SF-ND 3560/10 1000SF-ND 3560/10 315SF-ND 3560/16 300SF-ND 3560/26 300SF-ND 3560/64 315SF-ND 3750/16 1000SF-ND MB100T-100-ND MB100T-25-ND MB100T-50-ND

3644B/14 100SF 3600B/20 100SF 3644B/26 100SF 3644B/24 100SF 3600B/50 100SF 3600B/80 100SF 3600B/14 100SF 3600B/26 100SF 3644B/16 100SF 3600B/36 100SF 3600B/24 100SF 3644B/36 100SF 3644B/40 100SF 3600B/68 100SF 3600B/40 100SF 3644B/68 100SF 3644B/80 100SF 3600B/100 100SF 3644B/20 100SF 3644B/50 100SF 3750/26SF 3600B/24 100SF 3600B/24 100SF 3600B/14 100SF 3600B/20 100SF 3600B/24 100SF 3600B/26 100SF 3644B/16 100SF 3644B/14 100SF 3644B/20 100SF 3600B/14 100SF 3600B/36 100SF 3644B/26 100SF 3644B/24 100SF 3600B/40 100SF 3600B/20 100SF 3600B/24 100SF 3600B/50 100SF 3600B/26 100SF 3644B/36 100SF 3600A/24SF 3644B/40 100SF 3644B/16 100SF 3644B/14 100SF 3600B/50 100SF 3644B/20 100SF 3600B/68 100SF 3600B/100 100SF 3644B/36 100SF 3644B/50 100SF 3600B/36 100SF 3644B/40 100SF 3644B/80 100SF 3644B/26 100SF 3750/16SF 3600B/80 100SF 3644B/24 100SF 3600B/40 100SF 3600B/68 100SF 3644B/50 100SF 3644B/68 100SF 3600B/80 100SF 3600G/14 300SF 3644B/68 100SF 3560/50SF 3600B/100 100SF 3600B/20SF 3750/10 300SF 3644B/80 100SF 3600B/26SF 3600G/20SF 3600A/68SF 3750/16 300SF 3750/50SF 3644A/20SF 3750/26 300SF 3600B/50 300SF 3560/38SF 3600G/50 300SF 3750/38 300SF 3600G/68SF 3750/50 300SF 3644B/36SF 3750/26 500SF 3750/26 600SF 3600B/68SF 3600G/68 500SF 3600B/50SF 3560/26 200SF 3560/10 1000SF 3560/10 315SF 3560/16 300SF 3560/26 300SF 3560/64 315SF 3750/16 1000SF 3644B/100 100SF 3644B/100 100SF 3644B/100 100SF

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