3M Scotch Positionable Mounting Adhesive (PMA) Availability

I have tried to reorder 3M Scotch PMA (34-8509-4726-7) but the DigiKey site indicates it is not possible. I have confirmed with 3M that the product still exists. Please advise

Hello simon.jackson,
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The part number 34-8509-4726-7, does not go into our system.
If you are reordering this from DigiKey, please provide the DigiKey part number, or the original Salesorder number.
I have also checked on the 3M website, and that part number does not come up there either.
If you can provide a picture of the item, and if it’s a roll of tape, if we can get the info on the inside of the center roll, we can see if we have it available.

The part number in our system is different from the one provided, it is not currently a stocking part and will need to be ordered. There is also a MOQ of 6.


Thanks Steven

I believe that I have found the product in your catalogue, and successfully ordered it.

Please confirm that this is correct. If so we can consider the query closed


Simon Jackson

Good afternoon

I have already responded to steven_14444 on this matter. I believe that I have successfully found what I required and ordered it.

Thanks for your help


Simon Jackson