Order a new serial number from 3M

How do I order a new serial number from 3M that is not available on the website?

Hi @pavankonda! Welcome to the forum. Do you have a part number or page link from 3M’s site for what you’re looking for?

Here is the link to it.


Thank you

Thanks for the reply!

With 3M products we usually list them in our system as a series number followed by the physical size. For example: 3M 1530 4" X 10YD (by the way, the 1530 series looks to be similar but does not have that printing feature. But on the positive side, we do stock some 1530 series options if you need something to ship right away)

The 1529 series for us would be a special non-catalog order item. I can certainly send off a request to the supplier to see what we would be looking at for pricing and lead time. Please note that with special quoted items, there may be a factory minimum order quantity, full lead times and special terms such as NCNR. Those details would be listed out in the quote if they do apply.

What width and length would you prefer on this tape? Do you need any customization such as a die cut?

Eventually we will need your customer number or contact info, but I can send you an private email through techforum so you don’t have to publicize that here. :slight_smile:

This information can also be sent to CustomCut.3MProducts@digikey.com so no private information is posted on our Forums.


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