3M tape for skin wearable devices

Hi! I am looking for a medical grade 3M tape which I can use as a skin adhesive layer for integrating my sweat sensor to the skin. Can anyone suggest me one?

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Let me offer you some options below you may review for your application.

Polyethylene Film with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Datasheet link https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/792005O/3m-1525l-sc-polyethylene-tape-tis-jun13-pdf.pdf

Fabric with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Datasheet https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/792136O/3m-1530l-sc-white-rayon-nonwoven-tape-on-liner-tis-nov20.pdf

Product List 3M Medical Tape - https://www.digikey.com/short/tw0q42cd

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Thank you for your reply.
Actually I want double sided adhesive tape. Can you please suggest some.

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Check this for Double Coated, Double-Sided Tape: Tape | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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It is helpful to always use the TechForum search box initially. There is a post already created as you’ll find below, please check out the first link in the opening paragraph, which is written by @Kathy_Hutton - which is pretty amazing “simple-to-read” no-nonsense way of putting it. If you have further questions, please reply we’ll be glad to assist.

Medical Tape for Skin Applications

I have performed an organic search as well based on our medical double-sided tape parameters. Click here for that link.

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