Medical Tape for Skin Applications

We carry several 3M Medical Tapes (see below). I do see that 3M just launched 4576 which we don’t have access to it yet at the time of this posting, but it will be coming soon. The 4576 is designed to stick-to–the-skin for up to 21 days. The blog Learn about 3M Medical Tapes is informative and provides you estimated wearable time frames.

1772 Medical Foam Tap
9836 Polyurethane Medical Tape
4076 Extended-Wear Medical Tape
1524 Medical Transfer Tape
1577 Adhesive Polyester Medical Tap
1776 Spunlaced Nonwoven Fabric Medical Tape
Polyethylene 80# Liner 1522 Medical Tape
4077 Extended-Wear Medical Tape with Elastic Blend
1530 and 1530L Single-Sided Microporous Rayon Fabric
Link to all Medical Tape Selection

Here are some blogs
Learn About 3M™ Medical Tapes
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