3M VHB Tape Adhesion Time & Positioning

Concerning 3M VHB 3M9855-ND Double Coated, Double Sided Tape Acrylic Adhesive Tape.

Both in the Prep document and in the Another Geek Moment Video it is explained that after 20 minutes it will be 50% adhered, after 1 day it will be 90% adhered and after 3 days it will be 100% adhered.

I am using this tape to repair a piece of plexiglass attached to a metal framed of a rack door where as the old foam tape has separated after several decades.

This will be done at a customer’s site and I have a limited amount of time I can be there. The equipment rack must be secured/locked before I leave for the day.

I need to know, during the adhesion process, must the surfaces be horizontal for a full three days without any vertical stress/gravity in order for full adhesion to occur?

If I follow the surface prep and mounting procedure as described, will it be okay to remount the door after 2 to 3 hours This is the allotted time frame I will be at the customer’s site on the day of the repair.

As I am one hour away from the customer site it would not be convenient for me to travel back once again to mount the door.

Thank You
Don Resor

I’d wager a frosty beverage that the VHB adhesive is better at 50% strength than decades-old foam tape was at 100%. Assuming that you’re using material of similar dimensions and everything else is generally the same, I’d expect no issue. If you’re concerned, go the extra mile on surface prep to increase the ultimate bond strength.


Thank You. After all else, my main concern is making sure the plexiglass is square to the frame before it sticks! :wink: