-48V/600W power supply

Hello there. I need a power supply to produce -48V/400W to test a device. The manufacturer of the device I will be testing recommended using the TDK SWS600L-48 but his items seems to be out of stock. I am looking for a recommendation of an alternative. I found some options in the search results but I am not sure they can be actually set to produce negative voltages. Please let me know.


We’ve got a number of 48V supplies with rated output >=400W listed here. Among them, RWS600B48 would be of similar pedigree to the device mentioned by your equipment manufacturer.

Most any isolated-output supply can produce “negative” voltages; it’s simply a matter of which output terminal one chooses to connect to the ground/0V input of the powered equipment; the remaining output terminal will be positive or negative relative to it accordingly.

Thanks Rick for the list and explanation! Very much appreciated.