497-STEVAL-ASTRA1B-ND - Opensource?


We were actively creating a similar device for our fleet. Does anyone know if this device is any good? Can you control where the data goes? Or is this centralized? Is it a finished product or just some prototype?

Thank you for any answers, I think it’s a great idea allowing Wifi to be used instead of relying on cellular.


The product mentioned is an evaluation board/development kit. These are example implementations of component products, produced by component manufacturers to simplify the process of evaluating a device’s capabilities, and/or developing a custom product derived from the example provided.

As a general rule they are not intended for use as or incorporation into an end product, and do not carry certifications/approvals which may be required for commercial use or resale in any particular jurisdiction.


Be aware that development boards are very often sold at cost, or a loss and, covered by the chip makers sales/marketing budget.