Antenova M10578-A3 Antenna Configuration

With respect to this development kit: 627-1066-ND
It contains what is indicated as an “active antenna port” on the PCB besides an external port. I assume that means it will supply 3V3 to an external antenna that contains an LNA/B circuit. Yet, documentation does not show this in the schematic. I’m curious about how that part of the circuit is connected.

In my application, I’m not using an active device, just the SRFG017 patch with a U.FL connector.
Anyone know why Antenova didn’t supply all information about how the development kit is configured?


Hi Gary,
I will check with our Product Manager to see if we can get a schematic for the EVK referenced in the datasheet and get back to you.

Best Regards,

Thanks Scott - FYI, I also posted a question after the post here directly to Antenova. Not sure if and when they’ll respond but will let you know if they do!

I checked out the documentation in the eval kit and page 13 has a schematic of the board. The antenna section on its own is pretty involved and I’m not sure what I need from that. Since I don’t need an active antenna I’m using the SRFG017 with a U.FL connector. Any idea on how to connect just that?
I sent a post to Antenova but fear they won’t get to it for a week if they are taking time off to deal with the virus issues or whatever. My design is stalled as I wait to find out.
Too bad they don’t have a HW design guide, I guess they think everyone can just figure it out? In fact, there’s little support on their website that I can see.

If I cannot get this resolved soon I’ll pick another GPS module for the product.