Skywire Development Kit - Nimbelink


Nimbelink has a development kit for the Skywire line. It’s Digi-Key part number 1477-1019-ND. This is the development kit most recommended for getting started with Skywire. It comes with the development board, usb cable, power supply, antenna, and SIM card. The SIM card can be activated on Digi-Key’s data plans.

It has a USB connection, so the board can be connected directly to the computer and AT commands can be sent. The board has 14 pins which can be used to connect the development board to another board. It has pins which make it able to be used as a shield for an Arduino.

The LTE modules need two antennas, and the development board only has one connector. Adapters can be used to work around this issue.

See Nimbelink’s Brandon Hart discuss this board in the video below.