IMP005 WiFi module


This is the place to ask any questions related to the IMP005 wifi module or IMP005-BREAKOUT evaluation tool. The EEWiki post goes into detail regarding what the IMP005 is and what it can do. The kit comes with the IMP005 ( LBWA1UZ1GC-901 ) laid out on an easy to use board with 28 I/O pins.

The kit will need a USB A to USB mini B cable to connect to a PC and will used a web based IDE. It is meant to be a connectivity platform to help get devices online. This platform works by using the secure Imp Cloud, or set of servers that are managed by Electric Imp. All the data from the module is sent to the secure cloud which is then sent to the world wide web. The module uses SPI / I2C / PWM / UART / USB.

Video -

EEWiki -

Module - IMP005-1-ND / LBWA1UZ1GC-901

Evaluation board - 490-14326-ND / IMP005-BREAKOUT