Check out Data Sheet & DS50003575 RNWF02 Add-on Board User's Guide for Microchip's EA32M85A dev-tool

Check out the Data Sheet and DS50003575 RNWF02 Add-on Board User’s Guide for Microchip’s new-development-tool EA32M85A


Adding Wi-Fi® and connecting to the cloud is a snap with the RNWF02, our new plug-and-play network controller. You can set up this easy-to-use wireless module using simple text commands. Get the Early Access kit and be one of the first to try it for yourself. Get Early Access to Microchip’s new Wi-Fi Plug-and-Play Module

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RNWF02-Wi-Fi-Module-Data-Sheet-DS70005544 RNWF02 Wi-Fi Module Data Sheet as Microchip’s new-development-tool EA32M85A.pdf (1.4 MB)
RNWF02-Add-On-Board-User-Guide-DS50003575 RNWF02 Add-on Board User’s Guide as Microchip’s new-development-tool EA32M85A.pdf (809.9 KB)