External gnss antenna for nRF9160DK

Hello everyone,
i just started working with the nRF9160DK but it turned out i need an external GNSS antenna with a “SWF RF connector” to be able to get geolocalisation indoors.
So i’m looking for an antenna recommendation since i’ve only been able to find U.FL antennas but no luck with “SWF RF”.
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Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to the community.

The SWF RF connector isn’t intended to be used to hook up an external antenna, it’s there to hook up a test probe adapter to measure power during operation. Click here for Test Probe Adapter

It is a connector made to test usually in labs but sometimes in the field.

Click here for more information on the intended use for the SWF connector.

You’re going to find that geolocation signals are notoriously bad indoors because they need line of sight i.e. unobstructed views of the satellites.

Hi kristof, thank you for your respond,
in fact the J2 connector (a SWF RF connector on the nRF9160DK) is specifically made to be used to hook up an external antenna for a better gnss result (i’ve double checked that with nordic semiconductors support)
Can you help me find the antenna i need?
Thanks in advance,
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I haven’t been able to find anything other than a couple Murata test probe adapters with SWF connectors.

Click here for Nordic Semiconductors forum thread on the purpose of SWF Connectors on Dev Kits

Another Nordic Semiconductor thread about the difficulty sourcing Antennas/Antenna cables with SWF connectors

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