9v alkaline battery

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will this accurately show the voltage of a Duracell 9v alkaline battery. I have done some research, and I am getting mixed signals on if a voltmeter would be able to tell me when low battery is imminent. Thank you.


1528-1145-ND would indicate the batteries current voltage level, which can then be used to know the overall state of the 9v battery.

Generally, If the voltage is high (say 7-9vish), then the battery can still be used.
If the reading is too much lower than that, then it may be time to replace or prep a replacement.

I can see the mixed signals thing happening as using an item that is just a voltmeter for this can really only give an indication of the state of the battery. If you need to know the absolute health of any battery it maybe necessary to use a more dedicated battery tester.

Some examples of what we have for that type of item.

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