Battery monitoring

I am looking for a battery meter for a 24vdc system whcih can provide either an analogue output 0-10/4-20ma or which has ethernet capability to allow battery charge status to be monitored by a Siemens PLC?

I need 2 products for initial prototype test of a new piece of equipment then there will be volume roll out. Any thoughts?

Thank you for your question.

They only thing we would have is a panel voltage meter. It simply just gives you a voltage read out.

Measuring state of charge/battery health isn’t as simple a topic as it may seem, and suitable methods will vary depending on the battery chemistry used. A simple voltage measurement can give a person some point of reference, but accuracy will not be good, particularly if the chemistry used has a flat discharge curve.

That’s true, we’re only trying to get an indication of state of charge so voltage decay would be sufficient but i need to be able to monitor remotely. If someone makes a standard battery meter but with a measured output that would be fine.

Assuming you’re OK with Rick’s points above, something like the 2902037 might be worth a look.

It has configurable inputs, including 0V - 24V, 4.8V - 24V, 0V - 30V, and 6V - 30V ranges, and it can be configured for 0V - 10V or 4mA - 20mA outputs, amongst others.

I’m unaware of any industrial-style products designed to estimate SoC and communicate this as a process variable in the typical 4~20mA or 0~10V formats. If simple voltage-based reckoning is sufficient for your purposes, a voltage transducer such as the CR5320-50 plus some logic in your controller may be an option.