Battery charger

Hi there ! I have a question. I am looking for something and i have a hard time trying to find it. I want something to charge my 12V battery. I need to be able to control the current digitally. Current ranging from 1A to 90A DC 12V contstant voltage. With digital control i mean something with like a raspberry or an arduino.

Why do i need this? In my situation, i “rent” my solarpanels. The company who installed it chose to use grid tied micro inverters. I want to add a battery system to the system, but i obviously don’t have 12V comming from my roof but 230Volts AC 50hz. I can measure the live power production and want to limit the battery’s charge current with that. And no, i can’t remove or replace the grid tied micro inverters because the’re technically not mine :frowning:


Would you have more information on the 12v battery?
-Model or part number?
Also, would the power coming off the panels be passing through the house in anyway that is usable to you?
If so, I would think that using a battery charger that is designed to convert from the 230vac to the 12v the battery is looking for would be possible.


Thanks for your response! It’s a REDODO 12,8V 200aH LiFePo4 battery with a built-in100a BMS. The power from the panels are accessible for me. I got the panels “free”, and the power coming from the panel goes trough their power meter, and i pay 1/3 of the price for the power in comparison with big power company’s. I have acces after their power meter. And yes i am a certified electricien so i am allowed to handle that stuff. There are indeed alot of battery charger’s, but i have a hard time finding one that i can control the current with an arduino or an raspberry.