Hooking up a PV/battery/charge controller to work along with a 120VAC power supply

What do I need to integrate a charge controller at 12VDC hooked up to PV & battery with a power supply getting 120VAC? I have loads at 12VDC and 5VDC. The power supply has dual output for 5VDC and 12VDC, so I can use that when the battery is low. But then I want the PV and/or power supply to charge the battery and if power supply is unplugged, it can run off the battery.

I’m working on a block diagram and what I need in which state etc, but I’m wondering what is normally used for applications like this. Is there a specific product that I should be aware of before I start building something and hooking things up strangely?

The ‘GND bus’ shown is also connected to all other GND symbols shown on the sketch, apologize for the confusion having separate symbols. I have not connected the +/- LOAD terminals as shown.

I assume would it have to come from a switched output. So the charge ctrlr would be 1 input and 2nd is power supply, and 1 output is either 12V from pwr supply or charge ctrlr based on if pwr supply is on or not. Correct?

generally as I look at charge controllers I looks the the chemistry that is used , then the fault protection you are looking for.

Do I need something like a switch here? Or do I need a different charge controller where I hook up the 120VAC ?

I’m starting to think I need to use a different charge controller which accepts 120VAC, and just do the 12V to 5V conversion with an external piece. Does anyone know of a charge controller that would take the 120VAC and use it to charge the battery in the case that it’s present & solar output is not, and offer 12V output?

I am not seeing any controller for 120v. I found some information on the TI website for desiging a solar controller:

I was also looking at this board on our website: BQ24650EVM-639