High Voltage Measurement

I am looking for a high voltage measurement module (1000V DC) that can be connected toanalog_in the “e.bloxx A3-1 analog input” module. the analog input range is ±10V. can someone help me find the right part?

Hello Parisa,

After looking in our system, I was unable to find anything similar to the e.bloxx A3 unit you referenced that could be used instead.

Technical reference number T4116487

I don’t want anything similar to e.bloxx A3. I want a high voltage sensor measurement that I can use the analog output from it to the analog input module that I have and read the voltage value.

The simplest approach would be to just use a few resistors to divide the HV by roughly a factor of 100. One would need to pay attention to the limiting element resistance figure, since 1 kV exceeds that of typical resistors by quite a ways. 490-18219-ND and 100KXBK-ND might make a suitable pair.

Depending on grounding arrangements, isolation requirements, and the output impedance of the HV source, this may or may not be a suitable approach.

Hi @parisa_shams,

If you are looking for a DIN rail type solution, it looks like the Verivolt ENTUBE SE (1000V 10V) (Digi-Key part number 1780-1159-ND) might do the job. It will take up to +/-1000V and scale it down to +/-10V.

They also make an isolated version, the ISOBLOCK V-1C (1000V 10V) (Digi-Key part number 1780-1049-ND). This one requires a power supply between 8V and 28V, whereas the ENTUBE SE (1000V 10V) is a passive device which does not require a supply, but which is not isolated.

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thank you so much. your suggestions help a lot.