Looking for 300v Voltage Sensor

Is there a product that’s able to sense up to 300V with 0.001 increments? I think voltage transformers to 0-5v will not be able to reach 0.001 difference.

Something similar to Current and Voltage Sensor Board (SEN-16407 KR Sense Current and Voltage Sensor Board 45A - SparkFun Electronics - Power Management | Online Catalog | DigiKey Electronics) but for much higher voltage.

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Fluke bench voltmeters can do this.

To give an example kindly see Fluke Mfg PN:

8808A 120V



Outside of that I don’t know much that can get down to that type of resolution and still be useful. You’re getting into tolerances that are usually kept for calibration laboratory equipment.


I think you can find some on Amazon as well